Ways on How to Make Your Singer Sewing Machine Last Longer


Sewing is a great hobby that can be enjoyed by anyone. This little hobby can even turn into a business someday, if you wanted to be a part of the textile industry. The Singer sewing machines are one of the trusted and known brands of sewing machine known from across the globe. This brand is used by many and has been out in the market since 1850’s.

If you would want to learn how to keep your sewing machine last longer, here are some points that you can follow:

Clean your machine.
When cleaning, it is best if you use a soft and damp cloth when wiping the surface of your machine with a mild soap.

Don’t forget to lubricate your machine.
Upon purchase, the machine comes with a special oil used for lubrication. Make sure that you check the manual to know the best time to lubricate the machine and the number of times that you need to do it. Generally, this brand needs some oiling once a year when you use it several times a week. When you run out of oil, all you have to do is to go to your nearest Singer distributor or purchase it online.

Check the manual for special instructions when necessary.
If you are confused with the use of the machine or if you have encountered any trouble with it, the manual may give you a quick help to solve your problem.

Have your machine checked only with professionals.
Make sure that you only turn to authorized dealers of the sewing machine when you do a routine maintenance. This is to ensure that your machine will be able to last and used by the future generations.

Now, you won’t surely have any problems in maintaining your sewing machine once these tips are followed. Sewing can never be great, once you use only the trusted brand known by all, and that is Singer.

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