The rice cooker – A good substitute for many kitchen appliances

I don’t think there are many people who still use pressure cooker for cooking rice anymore. But almost 30 odd years ago, rice cooker was not a common. In fact, the first day I went to work, I had placed that rice in the small pressure cooker that I’d bought, and the rice was burned. Mom used to say those who eat burned rice will be very rich. I am still waiting for my wealth to arrive at my door step. However, I did get a nice rice cooker as wedding gift, and thereafter, we added a couple more. One gave way, and the other one was essentially for larger gatherings. None of them were versatile, and we were not expecting much either. After all, a rice cooker is exactly that.


Last year, the smaller rice cooker that I had used so far, fell from my hand as I was moving it. Its internals were shaken up, and there was nobody who could repair it. Rather than be electrocuted by it for the ill-treatment I meted out, I opted to buy a new one. All our rice cookers were Panasonic, so we didn’t bother with any other brand. The shopkeeper showed us the Panasonic fuzzy logic rice cooker, which we eventually bought. Honestly, what I liked about it was the way it can be carried. It is so light! I can clean my kitchen counter top more easily now. I was also amused at the shape these rice cookers have nowadays. But the digital display completely bowled me over. It was the number of choices that this rice cooker offers. Cakes? If my microwave gives way, I can use it for that. Making porridge is also possible. It is also possible to program when it can be started and switched off. I remember my old rice cookers had started giving me problem and the rice used to stick at the bottom or sides if left too long in it. This rice cooker does not have any such problem thanks to the non-stick cooking pot, which incidentally fits beautifully inside the unit.

We’d never read any of those rice cooker reviews prior to our shopping. We just knew that this appliance was created for us, and it is indeed turning out to be a good purchase.