My knives set

My husband is on transferable job and during the last transfer, the last four days became very hectic with many people inviting us over for lunch and dinner. I could not concentrate much on packing as my daughter was down with flu. I do not remember in which box I packed the knives, or if I packed them at all. After the first couple of days of unpacking we have not found them. We’ve been eating out and soon my kitchen needs to be functional. My husband suggested that I buy a knife set and start cooking so I bought this block knives set.
knives set
I was not sure which kitchen knives set I should opt for. If I find my full set of 12 pieces, this new set would be a waste. But if I don’t, then I would need a 12 piece set. In any event, I could think of know other knives set but Wusthof. Their knives have always been better than my expectations.

This knife set has two paring knives, one with a blade of 2.5 inches, and the second with a blade of 3 inches. The utility blade in this set has a blade of 4.5 inches, which I think is .5 inch longer than the one in my old set. The bread knife has 8 inch long blade, and so does the cook’s knife. I think those blades in my older set were also smaller. The steak knives in both sets have blades of 4.5 inches. There are four such steak knives. The sharpening steel in this set is 9 inches long. I do not know the length of the sharpening steel in my other knives set. I never had to use it. In addition to these, this set consists of kitchen shears and of course a wooden block.

I nearly bought Wusthof’s 7 piece set, which had pretty much the same things without the 2.5 inch blade paring knife, and fours steak knives. But my husband insisted that I buy the 12 piece set, and I am now suspecting whether he knows something that I don’t. He is a generous man, and may have given away my older set to one of our house help there.