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Why I Opted For a Rented Space As Opposed To My Home Office

For close to a year, I was working as a freelance writer from my home office. I had hived off a space in the corner of my bedroom and for most of the time seemed to be an ideal solution. I was glad that I was able to work from home and make some money while being in the company of my pets.

However, this arrangement was both a blessings and a curse. At times, I started finding it hard making a distinction between work and this affected my productivity. This started taking a serious toll on my finances and it really got me worried. I talked with friends and they suggested that it was time I found a space for rent.

I was working for too many hours a day- up to 6 hours and this created a kind of lifestyle that I had never thought of before. The number of hours that I put to working everyday was much fewer because of the several distractions that confronted me on everyday basis.

With my friends suggesting that it was time I found a space for rent, I really didn’t know where to start. I though it was a little crazy for me to spend hundreds of dollars every month on office space yet I had enough space at home. To me, I thought I was about to make a costly financial decision.

However, even with this kind of thought behind my mind, I checked online only to discover that there were many cost effective choices that were available in the market. I also read some books on personal financial planning and got to learn that having a personal office helped keep money in my pocket, but made me poorer in other aspects of human life.

I ended up choosing a serviced office because it gave me the privilege of working in an environment where all basic office equipment is provided. There was also the privilege of m meeting many other people who are professionals in their fields and who could help me develop both socially and professionally.

Now, I’m so happy that I made the decision to find a space and keep my daily work to the office. I found a space that looks awesome and that allows me meet my peers and strike great business deals. I found a space that offers the right image and which helps me meet other experts, share knowledge and move forward in life.

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