Kitchen Knife Sets

The Knife Set You’d Need In Your Kitchen

Chefs or rather experts say that you need four types of knives in your kitchen; a bread knife, paring knife, cook’s knife and an all purpose knife. Other than that, you can also go for stainless steel since its cheaper but unfortunately they get blunt really quickly which will take you a long time to sharpen. Carbon steel is better but more expensive. What makes it expensive is the fact that the metal is hard and doesn’t rust.

Below are some of the kitchen knife sets that you absolutely should have in your kitchen.

Global 5 Piece Knife Block

This is a set that is normally used by top chefs and it is said that if you have these, you wont have to buy another set; this is all you will need. The set has five knives which are made of carbon stainless steel and they include the paring knife, two cook’s knives, utility knife and a vegetable cleaver knife.

ProCook X100 6 Piece Damascus Knife Set

This is for people who spend most of their time in the kitchen. They are Japanese stainless steel knives that have a very comfortable hold and a hard handle. It contains the utility knife, paring knife, carving knife, the chef’s knife and two santoku knives. They are very sharp so its advised to store them away from children.

JosephJoseph Lock Block

It is also a Japanese stainless steel set which is advisable especially if you have children. Though the knives are sharp, the block which is used to store them has a lock which locks the knives inside so your children wont be able to open. It contains the serrated knife, chef’s knife, bread and carving knife and the paring knife.

JosephJoseph Elevate Knife Set

This set is well known for its practicality and innovation. They are stainless steel knives of high quality. It has a rotating block where all the slots fit all the knives and holds them magnetically. These knives include the paring knife, santoku knife, bread knife, serrated knife and the chef’s knife.