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My knives set

My husband is on transferable job and during the last transfer, the last four days became very hectic with many people inviting us over for lunch and dinner. I could not concentrate much on packing as my daughter was down with flu. I do not remember in which box I packed the knives, or if I packed them at all. After the first couple of days of unpacking we have not found them. We’ve been eating out and soon my kitchen needs to be functional. My husband suggested that I buy a knife set and start cooking so I bought this block knives set.
knives set
I was not sure which kitchen knives set I should opt for. If I find my full set of 12 pieces, this new set would be a waste. But if I don’t, then I would need a 12 piece set. In any event, I could think of know other knives set but Wusthof. Their knives have always been better than my expectations.

This knife set has two paring knives, one with a blade of 2.5 inches, and the second with a blade of 3 inches. The utility blade in this set has a blade of 4.5 inches, which I think is .5 inch longer than the one in my old set. The bread knife has 8 inch long blade, and so does the cook’s knife. I think those blades in my older set were also smaller. The steak knives in both sets have blades of 4.5 inches. There are four such steak knives. The sharpening steel in this set is 9 inches long. I do not know the length of the sharpening steel in my other knives set. I never had to use it. In addition to these, this set consists of kitchen shears and of course a wooden block.

I nearly bought Wusthof’s 7 piece set, which had pretty much the same things without the 2.5 inch blade paring knife, and fours steak knives. But my husband insisted that I buy the 12 piece set, and I am now suspecting whether he knows something that I don’t. He is a generous man, and may have given away my older set to one of our house help there.

My Favorite Drinks To Make With Espresso Maker

espresso machine to buy

Is there anybody who does not love the aroma of freshly

brewed coffee? For those who are not yet into drinking coffee, there are so
many reasons for you to grab a cup. Personally, I love coffee for it relaxes me
and boosts my energy. For this reason, about a year ago I discovered and
purchased an espresso machine from a local appliances depot. Over the period I
have been using this machine, I tried
brewing some delicious flavors and so far, here’s the list of my favorite
drinks to make with espresso makers.

Of course, it has to be number 1 on the list, espressos like
Solo ( single shot), Doppio (double or two shots), Espresso macchiato (espresso
shots with dollop foam ) and the Espresso con Panna( espresso shots topped with whipped cream).
Lungo is the less concentrated with three times the size of single or double
espresso for the same amount of finely ground coffee. You should take in mind
that the shots refer to the concentration of the espresso, for example, a
single shot means brewing 7 grams of ground coffee to produce 1 ounce of

Next is Americano, a doubled amount of hot water is added to the espresso. And long black has the
same amount of brewed coffee and hot water as Americano but the process is

Fortunately, my espresso maker comes with a milk foamer so I
can also prepare milk-based espresso like the latte with 1 part espresso,3 parts of steamed milk and topped
with small amount of foamed milk. Cappuccino contains an equal amount of
steamed milk, espresso, and foamed milk. Macchiato, however, is a double
espresso with the dot of foamed milk on top while the latte macchiato has 3
parts of foamed milk and 1 part espresso that gives it a three layer look.
Lastly, the Mocha, it has 2 parts espresso, 2 parts chocolate sauce and topped
with steamed milk. Remember that “dry” refers to more foam than
standard, and “wet” for more milk than the standard.

There you have it. Sip a cup of coffee and enjoy espresso


Best Affordable Espresso Machine

Different Types Of Espresso Machine

Screen Shot 2017-05-15 at 5.01.50 PM

Just as there are many different different types of best affordable espresso machine and drinks currently available, so too are there just as many different
methods for making an espresso drink. The real difference, however, when making an espresso coffee drink is based on the equipment that is used to produce it. You’ll find multiple different kinds of espresso machines on the market today and purchasing the most appropriate one is necessary to experiencing the best quality espresso beverage for yourself as well as the other individuals you might have bought the device for. Lots of people use an espresso maker in their business, and coffee houses are the perfect example of companies that typically spend money on espresso machines.

Altogether, though, right now there are more than five various kinds of espresso machines and the taste with the espresso is probably somewhat different when made from each one of these even though the whole process of making the espresso is basically identical. The most popular kind of espresso maker utilized throughout American coffee shops and breakfast cafes, though, is a pump-driven espresso machine. This kind of espresso machine is significant since it essentially streamlines the entire espresso-making process and helps make the process of getting espresso quite simple. Actually, many of those varieties of American espresso makers are automated, which means that a single switch just has to be pressed to get coffee out of it.

Alternatively, a number of people in other countries routinely use the stovetop espresso maker. This is a appliance that, as the name states, sits on your stove and creates espresso. However, the method of doing this is fascinating since these types of machines are true steam-driven espresso machines. Water is heated in the base of the unit, which is pushed up to the middle section of the espresso maker where the actual coffee is made.

When purchasing the appropriate espresso machine, however, you’ll likely first and foremost prefer to buy one of the easiest espresso makers, which is a pump-driven or even motor-driven espresso maker. Many of these espresso machines can be quite expensive, but depending on how passionate you are about your favorite coffee drink will most likely dictate how much money you’re ready to spend. For starters, though, an affordable espresso maker could be precisely the ideal one to start with.

The Budget Knife Set King Ginsu Chikara

If you’re new to cooking and you’re looking for a cheap and trusty knife set, you should definitely check out the Ginsu 7108 Chikara 8-Piece Stainless Steel Knife Block Set. Not only is it under $100 but it is also easy on the eyes. The knives are made of stainless steel so be sure to give them a wash after using them to maintain it’s good condition.

Don’t forget to dry them with a clean kitchen towel. This knife set is also great because it comes with a Santoku knife. If you’re not familiar with it, a Santoku knife is a multipurpose knife that can be used to vegetable or meat. These knives may get blunt in the future if you’re using them daily. However it is nothing a honing steel can’t fix.

Do check it out if you’re knife hunting.

The Knife Set You’d Need In Your Kitchen

Chefs or rather experts say that you need four types of knives in your kitchen; a bread knife, paring knife, cook’s knife and an all purpose knife. Other than that, you can also go for stainless steel since its cheaper but unfortunately they get blunt really quickly which will take you a long time to sharpen. Carbon steel is better but more expensive. What makes it expensive is the fact that the metal is hard and doesn’t rust.

Below are some of the kitchen knife sets that you absolutely should have in your kitchen.

Global 5 Piece Knife Block

This is a set that is normally used by top chefs and it is said that if you have these, you wont have to buy another set; this is all you will need. The set has five knives which are made of carbon stainless steel and they include the paring knife, two cook’s knives, utility knife and a vegetable cleaver knife.

ProCook X100 6 Piece Damascus Knife Set

This is for people who spend most of their time in the kitchen. They are Japanese stainless steel knives that have a very comfortable hold and a hard handle. It contains the utility knife, paring knife, carving knife, the chef’s knife and two santoku knives. They are very sharp so its advised to store them away from children.

JosephJoseph Lock Block

It is also a Japanese stainless steel set which is advisable especially if you have children. Though the knives are sharp, the block which is used to store them has a lock which locks the knives inside so your children wont be able to open. It contains the serrated knife, chef’s knife, bread and carving knife and the paring knife.

JosephJoseph Elevate Knife Set

This set is well known for its practicality and innovation. They are stainless steel knives of high quality. It has a rotating block where all the slots fit all the knives and holds them magnetically. These knives include the paring knife, santoku knife, bread knife, serrated knife and the chef’s knife.

What You Really Need on Your Espresso Makers

For me, the best espresso machine under 200 for home is the one that doesn’t let me wait for minutes. Seconds are ideal. I believe, coffee freaks have similar opinions. If there are espresso makers, which can create any coffee in seconds, why would we choose the ones which requires some minutes to make a cup of coffee? I was surprised to see that there are espresso makers that need one minute for creating a cup of any kind of coffee. I can imagine how much such coffee makers cost. It may reach thousands of dollars, but they are worth possessing, especially for hotels or cafés in which they need fast service for customers with various demands servings. Some of them don’t want to drink coffee with certain temperatures, while they also demand of various strengths for their coffee. (Read how to troubleshoot your espresso here.)

Of course, homeowners like you can own that one-minute-espresso maker. Everything is easy for anyone who can afford buying anything. But, for those who are in budget, there are still lots of espresso makers that don’t break their bank account. They’re not only luxurious in design, but they can be more than just espresso makers. Some of them are available in less than $200, as long as buyers can find the greatest sale from online stores. Yet, most of them only offer one-strength coffee, so they are only for those, who love thick espresso or cappuccino.


It means, the best espresso makers are different from one person to another. Some people don’t demand too much on their espresso coffee machine as they only need fast, one-touch button machine for a cup of espresso. While others really need to have a fully-automatic coffee machine, with various coffee strengths in less than a minute. Well, there are some people who only need a very simple coffee maker that they can bring anywhere. Even if they rarely go anywhere, though. Such espresso makers still can ensure such a fresh brewed cup of espresso at any time with very simple touches. They don’t cost more than $50 and they are still very durable.

My Hunt for the Best Espresso Machine under $200

I am a huge espresso lover. That will go to great heights to get a good cup of a strong, bold espresso. Having bad espresso is not an option for me. My love for espresso has seen me going through hundreds of reviews and web pages looking for the right or the best espresso machine under 200. It has not been easy as there are very many brands in the markets with some being very expensive and some are cheap but not the right quality.

There are many different types of espresso machines under 200, and some are better than the expensive brands. However getting the right brand for my taste was my focus and here is how I did that.

At first, I made a list of the expectations I had for the espresso machine. I needed it to be automatic, and I wanted it to have a milk frother for my lattes and most important I wanted it to be able to make several other coffee drinks as it will be in a family setting and we have different tastes. Here’s how to make a perfect shot for espresso drinks.
The requirements I had in mind got me through many different units, and I was left with two of the best espresso machines under 200. The first one was a DeLonghi EC702 15-Bar-Pump Espresso Maker, the problem with this unit is that it is not fully automatic, and it has a problem with its steaming wand otherwise it is a good piece.

Nonetheless, after getting rid of the DeLonghi from my list I was left with Mr. Coffee Café Barista Espresso Maker this unit has all the features I desired, and it is fully automatic. The unit is also very cheap costing around 170; it also makes the meanest espresso yet.

Searching a perfect or best espresso machine under 200 is not an easy task but going through this article might make it easier for you.

The Most Popular Toasters Ovens On The Market

As you may be aware, a toaster oven is among the most important appliances that you ought to have in your kitchen if at all you consider your kitchen a modern kitchen. But in your quest to select a toaster oven, you must have realized that it isn’t that easy thanks to the thousands of toaster ovens brands and model on the market. But don’t worry since you can learn how to select the best toaster oven. Here are some of the toaster ovens that have been reviewed by Anne cuisine.

toaster oven

1. Breville BOV800XL Smart Oven
It prides itself for being one of the best and most reviewed toaster ovens on today’s market. It also boasts of featuring an incredibly superior technology and 9 preset cooking functions that are tailored at consistent and even cooking. It further comes with a quiet convection fan for purposes of speedier, even and consistent cooking. Besides cooking perfectly, it is also quite easy to use, thanks to the fact that it comes with an easy- to – operate digital control interface. It features a 2 years limited warranty. 2. Waring TCO650
Even if this oven is relatively new, it has however received numerous praise owing to its unmatched cooking and toasting ability. It is also among the toaster ovens that don’t use a non-stick lining, therefore making it the best choice for health-conscious individuals. It also bakes and toasts wonderfully due to its precise cooking functions. It comes with a front access crumb tray for purposes of easier cleaning. It features a 5-year limited warranty.

3. Cuisinart TOB-195
Many users have hailed this toaster oven as a great convection toaster. It comes with exact heat sensor that is designed for purposes of maintaining set temperature till cooking is done. It also features a digital control interface for better and faster cooking. Unlike many ovens that can’t heat up to 450 degrees Celsius, the oven is capable of heating up to 500 degrees Celsius. It comes with a 3-year limited warranty.

Besides these toaster ovens, there are other types of toaster ovens that are readily available on the market. Please research on different types of toaster ovens and choose one that is capable of meeting your needs.

The rice cooker – A good substitute for many kitchen appliances

I don’t think there are many people who still use pressure cooker for cooking rice anymore. But almost 30 odd years ago, rice cooker was not a common. In fact, the first day I went to work, I had placed that rice in the small pressure cooker that I’d bought, and the rice was burned. Mom used to say those who eat burned rice will be very rich. I am still waiting for my wealth to arrive at my door step. However, I did get a nice rice cooker as wedding gift, and thereafter, we added a couple more. One gave way, and the other one was essentially for larger gatherings. None of them were versatile, and we were not expecting much either. After all, a rice cooker is exactly that.


Last year, the smaller rice cooker that I had used so far, fell from my hand as I was moving it. Its internals were shaken up, and there was nobody who could repair it. Rather than be electrocuted by it for the ill-treatment I meted out, I opted to buy a new one. All our rice cookers were Panasonic, so we didn’t bother with any other brand. The shopkeeper showed us the Panasonic fuzzy logic rice cooker, which we eventually bought. Honestly, what I liked about it was the way it can be carried. It is so light! I can clean my kitchen counter top more easily now. I was also amused at the shape these rice cookers have nowadays. But the digital display completely bowled me over. It was the number of choices that this rice cooker offers. Cakes? If my microwave gives way, I can use it for that. Making porridge is also possible. It is also possible to program when it can be started and switched off. I remember my old rice cookers had started giving me problem and the rice used to stick at the bottom or sides if left too long in it. This rice cooker does not have any such problem thanks to the non-stick cooking pot, which incidentally fits beautifully inside the unit.

We’d never read any of those rice cooker reviews prior to our shopping. We just knew that this appliance was created for us, and it is indeed turning out to be a good purchase.

What Type of Juicer is Good for Me?

I cannot thank online reviewers enough for letting me in on a few secrets about the best juicers to buy and I liked the centrifugal juicer. I have always wanted a good juicer that has excellent performance and can work really fast. I have to rush to work every morning so I don’t have much time to do many things in the morning. I also prefer a glass of fresh juice in the morning to freshen me up before going to work but my current juicer is too slow. I do most of my juicing at night before going to bed but sometimes I’m too tired to do it. That’s why I want a juicer that can give me fresh juice in seconds when I wake up in the morning. Fresh juice provides more nutrients if taken immediately after juicing (oxidation is at a minimum).


My primary concern is getting a juicer that can extract the most juice from the fruits or vegetables I put in, easy and fast to clean as well as fast on the juicing. I also need one that is readily available and can withstand daily use without breaking down easily. Above everything else, I need a juicer that will not suck my wallet dry!

I found good information on the different kinds of juicers available in the market today at Euro Juices and the choice was easy to make. I decided to go with the centrifugal juicers. The only downside to these juicers is that they don’t work well for wheatgrass which is fine with me since I’m not a wheatgrass person. The other thing is that they can be quite noisy but that’s okay for now since I live alone and don’t have to worry about waking anyone.

My question is, “Can I get one that has automatic pulp ejection?”

I’m thinking of getting the Breville 800JEXL Juice Fountain Elite, any better suggestions?

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How I learnt that pot metal can make a difference in cooking

Anytime I walk into my kitchen, I am greeted by these old pots and pans that look like they have seen better days. Each day I see them I do the best I can to ignore them but these days, they seem to be calling out to me and begging for a change. I know I have not given my kitchen the best care lately partly due to my busy schedule but now the feeling that I have to start looking for the best pots and pans to buy is just constant. I talked to my friend about it and she gave me a look that said “I thought you will never notice”.


Now, I do love to cook and I am sure my cooking is not that bad (at least hussy has not complain… yet). However, when it comes to kitchen utensils , I am not that fussy. I can use my cookware for as long as possible without bothering about their state. However, this time around, I just can’t seem to stand the look of those old utensils in my kitchen. Now, I have to look for new ones but how do I get quality ones that wouldn’t ruin my cooking. Thankfully my darling friend was there to help.

She taught me the different types of materials I should be looking at and their advantages and disadvantages. She told me stainless steel was good and non reactive which meant I could cook any type of food in it. However, she was quick to point out that I may face problem with food not cooking properly as these materials have poor heat distribution. On the other hand, pots made from copper have good thermal conductivity only they turn to react with food that are alkaline and acid based. This could mean the food ends up having a metallic taste. This is the same thing that happens to those made of aluminium and cast iron.

From where I was standing I could see that all the best pots and pans to buy may have their pros and cons. However, it may be better to find those that have mixed metal in them. Just as my friend suggested, for best effects, I should try to get a metal that conducts heat efficiently but that is lined with some stainless steel. Armed with this information, I hurriedly dashed out of the house to the supermarket ready to confront the salespeople if they tried to force me to buy anything I knew I didn’t need.

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Why I Opted For a Rented Space As Opposed To My Home Office

For close to a year, I was working as a freelance writer from my home office. I had hived off a space in the corner of my bedroom and for most of the time seemed to be an ideal solution. I was glad that I was able to work from home and make some money while being in the company of my pets.

However, this arrangement was both a blessings and a curse. At times, I started finding it hard making a distinction between work and this affected my productivity. This started taking a serious toll on my finances and it really got me worried. I talked with friends and they suggested that it was time I found a space for rent.

I was working for too many hours a day- up to 6 hours and this created a kind of lifestyle that I had never thought of before. The number of hours that I put to working everyday was much fewer because of the several distractions that confronted me on everyday basis.

With my friends suggesting that it was time I found a space for rent, I really didn’t know where to start. I though it was a little crazy for me to spend hundreds of dollars every month on office space yet I had enough space at home. To me, I thought I was about to make a costly financial decision.

However, even with this kind of thought behind my mind, I checked online only to discover that there were many cost effective choices that were available in the market. I also read some books on personal financial planning and got to learn that having a personal office helped keep money in my pocket, but made me poorer in other aspects of human life.

I ended up choosing a serviced office because it gave me the privilege of working in an environment where all basic office equipment is provided. There was also the privilege of m meeting many other people who are professionals in their fields and who could help me develop both socially and professionally.

Now, I’m so happy that I made the decision to find a space and keep my daily work to the office. I found a space that looks awesome and that allows me meet my peers and strike great business deals. I found a space that offers the right image and which helps me meet other experts, share knowledge and move forward in life.

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Ways on How to Make Your Singer Sewing Machine Last Longer


Sewing is a great hobby that can be enjoyed by anyone. This little hobby can even turn into a business someday, if you wanted to be a part of the textile industry. The Singer sewing machines are one of the trusted and known brands of sewing machine known from across the globe. This brand is used by many and has been out in the market since 1850’s.

If you would want to learn how to keep your sewing machine last longer, here are some points that you can follow:

Clean your machine.
When cleaning, it is best if you use a soft and damp cloth when wiping the surface of your machine with a mild soap.

Don’t forget to lubricate your machine.
Upon purchase, the machine comes with a special oil used for lubrication. Make sure that you check the manual to know the best time to lubricate the machine and the number of times that you need to do it. Generally, this brand needs some oiling once a year when you use it several times a week. When you run out of oil, all you have to do is to go to your nearest Singer distributor or purchase it online.

Check the manual for special instructions when necessary.
If you are confused with the use of the machine or if you have encountered any trouble with it, the manual may give you a quick help to solve your problem.

Have your machine checked only with professionals.
Make sure that you only turn to authorized dealers of the sewing machine when you do a routine maintenance. This is to ensure that your machine will be able to last and used by the future generations.

Now, you won’t surely have any problems in maintaining your sewing machine once these tips are followed. Sewing can never be great, once you use only the trusted brand known by all, and that is Singer.